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Shekinah 19 Flower Child 4'11 College Student LA Born Houston Raised. My blog is dedicated to all the over thinkers who lay in bed at 3am lost, all the people who were told they'll never be nothing in life, all the broken hearted people, the lost souls of the world, the people who have no one to motivate them, and last but not least, all the stoners. I hope yall enjoy my blog. Any questions just leave me a message, I promise I'll reply. And always remember: "Count your blessings, not your troubles".

hey thats me;)
My WCW, my Mommy💕 Happy birthday to my angel above😇 You’re truly missed😘

Thug .
Anonymous: have you ever wanted to kill yourself? I really really really want to kill myself. it's amazing i'm still here considering how much I want to. I shouldn't even send this, i'm sorry

…wow…I’m sorry you have these thoughts but I have no problem answering them. please feel free to vent in my messages. I rather you express yourself then hold in such thoughts. I always respond to my questions so if you’re ever feeling down I’m here to listen and give as much advice as you need<3 Always remember God will never place nothing on you that you cannot handle. You’re always stronger than what you think..


Vogue Italia Feb 1993 - Kati Testet &amp; Janine Giddings by Satoshi Saikusa


walk into your mans bedroom naked like

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